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Prelude is the first part of my next Project called Ulrica. This idea started with an artist book while I was still studying in Argentina and has kept growing since then. Ulrica is therefore a project with many concepts, a story with many characters, a text with many subtitles. 


This is my following project at the Kunstverein Jahnstraße in Braunschweig, Germany. It is the purpose of this intim exhibition to discover something behind the windows of a particular showroom. 

The exhibition will take place from the 17.03.17 until the 14.04.17. Save the date!!!!


Ulrica is a Lady, portraied in a beautiful shortstory of the argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. But who ist she actually and how is she being remembered by her one night-lover? How do memories actually work? What do we do with memories? All these questions are being treatened in this aesthetic device called:  Ulrica.