Upcoming projects

Ulrica again?

Prelude is the first part of my next Project called Ulrica. This idea started with an artist book while I was still studying in Argentina and has kept growing since then. Ulrica is therefore a project with many concepts, a story with many characters, a text with many subtitles. 


Kröpcke Uhr, Projekt Zeit, Bárbara Paulin

Ulrica is a Lady, portraied in a beautiful shortstory of the argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. But who ist she actually and how is she being remembered by her one night-lover? How do memories actually work? What do we do with memories? All these questions are being treatened in this aesthetic device called:  Ulrica.

Thinking time

What did Ulrica do with her time. What do we do with time? How do we use it? I invite you to discover some forms and stories that will give you something to think about.