Art Lessons

Painting Lessons for Kids, ages 3 to 7.               ALREADY FULL

At the studio I offer lessons for kids where they use their imagination and creativity in order to produce their art. In this context they learn how colors mix and different techniques of painting and drawing with different materials. 

The groups are never bigger than 7 kids and last 1hour aprox.

The fee for this course is 45€ per month. 

Malkurs, Malkurs für Kinder, Bárbara Paulin, Atelier
Malkurs für Kinder

Painting & Drawing Lessons for Kids, ages 8 to 12.

Intus group the creativity is also encouraged and some other notions are added to the lessons like 3D perspective, the sense of volume through light and shadows without loosing the fun of it all. 

The lessons are once a week and last 1 hour aprox.

Cost: 50€ per month.

Malkurse, Malkurs für Kinder, Aquarell, Bárbara Paulin
Malkurs für Kinder

Painting & Drawing Lessons for  adults.

On Mondays and Wednesdays you can book lessons for drawing and painting  depending on your interests. If you like to draw portraits with charcoal or rather paint landscapes with acrylic painting, I plan the lessons individually, so you can follow your interests while learning and having fun in a welcoming environment.

Lessons last 1,5 hours per session and cost 60€ per month (plus a 10€ at the start of the course for materials).

aquarell, malkurs, atelier, Bárbara Paulin
Malkurs für Erwachsene