Bárbara Paulin is an argentinian artist, born in Buenos Aires, living and working in Germany. She works on different materials focusing on structures and proposing different stories that the visitor will have to discover. It is mixing different kinds of styles that she sumerges the visitors in a confusion of reality and fantasy creating aesthetic devices that transports them to a chain of ideas.




2020 M.A. Inszenierung der Künste und der Medien, Universität Hildesheim, Germany

2014 Diploma Fine Arts, UNA Universidad Nacional de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Exhibition Selection

  2019 - Project ``Fernes Leuchten´´ (Far Flashes), Kunstverein Meppen, Germany

  2018 - Group exhibition and open studio at the Atelier am Tönniesberg as part of the 21st Zinnober, Hannover, Germany

  2018 - Project ``Fernes Leuchten´´ (Far Flashes), EVI Lichtungen, International Light Festival Hildesheim, Kunstverein Hildesheim, Germany

   2018 - Installation``Zeit (Ulrica II)´´ (Time - Ulrica II) for the  Kröpcke Uhr in Hannover, Germany

   2017 - Solo exhibition ``PRELUDE - whispering stories to your eyes´´ at the Kunstverein Jahnstraße, Braunschweig, Germany

   2016 -  Curatorial work at the exhibition `` Zwischen Bildraub und digitaler Renaissance´´ (Between appropriation   and           digital Renaissance) of the artist Ronja Bak at the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany

  2015  - Site specific ''La luz en la sombra'' (the light in the shadows) with the artist Julián Bleker at the Gallery Pasaje 17, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2014 - Group exhibition ''De las azarosas mirgaciones'' (of random migrations), Gallery Aldea de Papel, Santa Fe, Argentina

  2014 - Performance with artist book with the artist group Obras en Papel at the Art Studio Espacio Arcuri,  Buenos  Aires, Argentina

  2013 - Group exhibition, ,,Fiesta del Arte´´ (Art-Party), Library Teorema, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2013 - Group exhibition and performance at the MATbaires Festival (Mathematics Festival), Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2011 - Group exhibition at the Art Centre Centro Cultural Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2011 - Opening Performance at the exhibition ''Traslaciones´´ of the artists group Obras en Papel, Mundo Nuevo Gallery,       Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2010 - Group exhibition ''Entre los Trazos y el alma'' (Between the traces and the soul), Museum Casa Carnacini, Buenos Aires

  2010 - Group exhibition at the Belgrano University, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2008 - Solo exhibition at, Código Rock, Buenos Aires,Argentina

  2007 - Group exhibition at the San Martín City Townhall, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2007 - Group exhibition at the City Theater, San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina