This work was part of a Project with an artists Group called Obras en Papel were each Artist created an artist book with a different story.

In this case the story is about waiting. But to know for what or for who is something only the ones present at the Performance where the book is shown will be able to discover.  


pop up, paper, colours
cut out, paper, artist book

More details

Created in 2010 this aesthetic device shows only what we are able  or wanting to understand and discover because the story is not written or illustrated but in abstract forms. Therefore, only the viewer with an open mind will have the key to read the story.

Why the suspense

I know, but I really don´t want to be annoying. The idea of showing a part of a message and not the whole work makes the art piece special. The book (it´s a she) gets also angry at me if I show her too often.

Why is it an aesthetic device

As an aesthetic device, (this) artist book has gives the one who discovers it the possibility of reading multiple interpretations out of one single work. It should be goof enough to entretain us with possibilities for the rest of our lives because who would like to live in certainty? ;)

pop up, paper, artist book